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I showed this vid to my girlfriend in an effort to convince her that men do love giving their partner a sperm facial AND if she really wants to please me, she should let me shoot my sperm all over her gorgeous face. She agreed, so long as she could close her eyes until I had finished cumming. She is now my cum-facial whore and I don't let her wash her face until at least 10 whole minutes have elapsed. I now have a huge collection of photos of her smiling while glazed in my jizz.
The Libertine 1 year ago
Ummm... Where did this title come from? The only one that appeared unwanted was the intro, and I'm pretty sure it was because it got in her eye. You can see her starting to rub it at the end, and she had a smile on her face until something went wrong.
1 year ago
Who’s the girls at 3 minutes?
Why 1 year ago
Why are there so many raype themed videos on here
Two 1 year ago
I've fucked two of the girls in this video. Bonnie and Dani. Both have retired now unfortunately
Hornpill 1 year ago
What good girls
1 year ago
Only men with big penises and powerful sperm loads need apply!
TBG 1 year ago
Unwanted? Want pretty sure for money.
Fuckladyboy69 9 months ago
I wish to be a girl then im the nicest bigest bitch on the world and eat all the good testing sperma from everyvody. Please i do all for free only take me hard and let me eat all the cum thanks so much kiss kiss Bang bang
ayeoo 1 year ago
is tht deena from jersey shore but old?